Training Included in License Fees
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Software Training. [PARTY A] will provide to designated [PARTY B] staff, Software training, in the form of one initial on-site training session with assistance in initial contract data input. Subsequent staff training and on-going support will be provided via online and telephone tutorials. At the request of [PARTY B], [PARTY A] will also provide at least two on-site training sessions per year to update [PARTY B] on enhancements/changes the Software.

Training Included in License Fees except Expenses
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Software Training. [PARTY A] shall provide Licensee with training in the use of the Software. The cost of training is included in the license acquisition price shown in Appendix A. Licensee shall reimburse [PARTY A] for all pre-approved reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the course of providing such training services. Approval by Licensee for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. In the event that both parties agree that additional training time is required, the licensee will reimburse [PARTY A] on a time and materials basis as set out in Schedule A



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