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Standard Returns of Defective Products 

Returns of Defective Products

Return Authorization Procedure. [PARTY B] may return a Product that is defective or that does not meet that Product's specifications or warranty conditions only if [PARTY B] gets [PARTY A]'s approval and follows the rest of [PARTY A]'s then-current procedures for returns.

[PARTY A]'s Options. [PARTY A] shall accept all returns it approves of and either repair or replace the returned Product.

No Other Remedies. [PARTY A]'s repair or replacement of a defective Product under this section will be [PARTY A]'s entire liability and [PARTY B]'s exclusive remedy for the breach of the Product warranty under this agreement.

Non-Defective Products. If [PARTY A] determines that a returned Product is not defective or otherwise suitable for return, [PARTY A]

shall notify [PARTY B] and return the Product at [PARTY B]'s expense, and

may charge [PARTY B] for [PARTY A]'s testing and examination of the returned Product.

Party weight: Neutral