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Standard Patent Assignment Agreement 

  1. Grant-Back License
    1. Grant-Back to [PARTY A]. [PARTY B] hereby grants to [PARTY A] a limited, royalty-free and fully paid-up, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license, to the Assigned Patents, to practice and make and use of the inventions, ideas, and information embodied in the Assigned Patents, and to make, use, sell, lease, or import products, services, processes, methods, and materials embodying or deriving from those inventions, ideas, and information in the course of [PARTY A]'s own business.
    2. Grant-Back LicenseTerm. The term of the license to the Assigned Patents granted under this section will begin on the Effective Date and continue until the patent rights in each Assigned Patents expire.

Party weight: Neutral