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Customer's Responsibilities. Customer is responsible for (i) notifying [PARTY A] of all problems for which Customer requires assistance, and (ii) allowing, if necessary, access to the Software, and (iii) the assistance from one of the Customer’s qualified personnel, so that We can perform Support Services hereunder. Customer is responsible for all hardware, operating systems, network setup, host applications, network maintenance and setup and use of any file access control systems required in the support of the Software. Customer may be required to grant [PARTY A] certain limited access rights to Customer's proprietary computer systems in order that We may render Support Services. Customer is responsible for ensuring that its personnel have sufficient training to attain and maintain competence in the operation of the Software. If We determine, in Our sole discretion, in responding to a Customer request for support, that the solution is provided in available media (including, but not limited to, the documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials and examples, websites or support forums), We may direct Customer's personnel to the appropriate media for the solution to the problem. 



  • Clause Taxonomy: Obligations
  • Organization: Public
  • Updated: 03/15/2019
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