Contracts & Analytics

Standardized contracts, checklists, and clauses built with analysis of thousands of public documents.

Private Libraries

Create, manage, and share your contracts and clauses

Update clauses in one place and push changes to all of your contracts. Mark clauses as required elements in an agreement. Draft clause variations and guidance on when to use them. Capture and share institutional knowledge with your team.

Contract Assembly

Turn your guidance into action

As users build Private Libraries, ContractStandards automatically constructs custom document assembly tools based on user guidance. No more complicated tools or decisions trees.

Analysis, not samples

Our public content is more than just a list of documents

We analyze thousands of documents from SEC EDGAR with our contract analytic software to identify common provisions, contract organization, and clause language. We use that data to build our contracts and clauses to reflect market standards.

Modular Design

Content drafted to be simple, flexible, and reusable

Build contracts from simple building blocks to create a consistent, maintainable collection. Our Private Library platform gives users the tools to build similar systems for their own content.




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