Set Higher Standards
Analyze. Harmonize. Manage.

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Our platform allows organizations to consolidate contracts, standardize language, and create and manage templates intelligently.

Managing templates is complicated. Too many drafters. Not enough data. We simplify the process.

Contract Analytics

Contracting can be difficult. Different departments develop their scattered standards. Vendors and clients use their own paper. Internal requirements are constantly evolving. This creates an environment of prolonged negotations and uncertain risk.

Our machine learning software consolidates contract language from different clients, teams, regions, and individual attorneys to create unified standards, making contract drafting, negotiation, and management easier.

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Manage Private Libraries

Organize clause language into a central clause library. Provide your team a definitive source of internal standards.

Sync clauses with contracts. Reuse text across agreements. As standards change, templates are automatically updated.

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Simple Assembly

As you build a Private Library, ContractStandards automatically creates a custom assembly tool from your guidance and metadata. No next steps. No programming. No decision trees.

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Free Public Content

ContractStandards offers free, universal libraries of contracts and clauses in plain language. Start using our content today.