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KMStandards Receives National Law Journal Award

Washington, DC -- (December 19, 2013) – The National Law Journal & Legal Times recognized KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin with their ‘Legal Business Trailblazers and Pioneers Award’ in technology for 2013.

In the announcement, National Law Journal Publisher Kenneth A. Gary said the awards recognized those individuals who “moved the needle in facilitating the changing ways that law firms conduct business. Whether it be technological developments, operational efficiencies, marketing & business development breakthroughs, or research – we think this list embodies the spirit that will shepherd and shape modern law firms as a business going into 2014 and beyond.”

“It is an honor to be recognized along with some of the real trendsetters in the legal industry,” noted Martin. “We at KMStandards are proud to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology.”

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KMStandards’ Martin Earns Law Technology News “Innovator” Award

Washington, DC -- (December 10, 2013) – Law Technology News (LTN) announced that KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin was recognized at a LTN “Innovator” for his pioneering work with the KMStandards software. The technology is recognized for revolutionizing the concept of transactional law, providing the ability to review, compare, analyze, draft and produce complex superior legal agreements in seconds.

LTN noted that Martin’s mix of legal and technology knowledge -- which includes experience at some of the world’s largest law firms as well as a sole practitioner -- brought him to create the software. In the early 1980s when he found himself without the resources found in the premier law firms, Martin taught himself the C programming language and began developing his own document assembly and client management system, which was the beginning of the KMStandards software today.

“I’m delighted to be acknowledged as an LTN’s ‘Innovator’ award and to be in the company of some of our industry’s true leaders,” remarked Martin.

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Martin Named “Legal Rebel” by ABA

Washington, DC -- (September 27, 2012) – KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin has been named one of the American Bar Association Journal’s 2012 “Legal Rebels,” a distinction the publication awards to a select few lawyers annually who are “helping change the profession” “innovators…who made the legal system a little better.”

This honor is based on Martin’s software -- KMStandards -- an analysis engine that provides law firms and corporate law departments with model legal documents and the ability to create and maintain document templates and clause libraries specific to their needs. The search engine capabilities allow firms, in house counsel and legal departments the ability to produce highly accurate and detailed contracts in minutes, rather than hours.

The publication notes, “These are challenging times for lawyers everywhere, and these are lawyers who are finding opportunity in that challenge.”

Originally branded at its launch under the name KIIAC, the software has been recognized as revolutionary. One industry insider noted the software is “a qualitative leap in the type of technology used by lawyers. More importantly, it is technology with a direct impact on profitability.”

Although the name has changed, the KMStandards accolades and client list continues to grow.

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ReInvent Law Conference: Using Technology to Create a Contract Revolution

March 8, 2013 -- (Silicon Valley, CA) -- While the impact of technology in the legal field is unquestioned, the bulk of the impact has been in the area of litigation, via e-discovery and predictive coding. However, with the introduction of software developed by KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin, attorneys practicing transactional law now have access to a powerful new tool.

“The Future of Law is Here,” was the focus of the presentation given by Martin in Silicon Valley, Calif. at ReInvent Law Silicon Valley –a conference devoted to law, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the legal services industry.

Presenter KMStandards lawyer-turned-technogeek CEO Kingsley Martin told the audience that by marrying powerful search engine capabilities with a broad and complete data base can create a new way to practice law. “Although there are dozens of wonderful data bases and software packages for lawyers to support their legal research, we focused on the transactional lawyer and their drafting practices,” Martin said. KMStandards analyzes drafts, provides clause databases and establishes a standard at the click of a button. Martin explained to attendees that just as technology has aided architects, engineers and doctors, KMStandards meets the modern needs of the transactional practitioner.

Martin bases his software on a search engine that can analyze any group of documents to automatically create a “Reference Standard.” This determines what clauses the agreement contains, how those clauses are organized, and the range of standard and non-standard language in each.

“With this software, gone are the hours and hours of research necessary to produce a contract,” explains Martin. “With the push of a button -- in just minutes users can create a solid contract based on thousands of precedents, thus allowing the smart lawyer to focus their time on deal specific negotiations and clauses.

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Seyfarth Shaw to Utilize KMStandards Technology

Washington, D.C. (January 24, 2013) -- Seyfarth Shaw LLP, a leading international law firm with more than 800 attorneys, is the latest addition to the client list of KMStandards LLP, a groundbreaking software developer in the field of legal knowledge management and transactional practice. The announcement was made by KMStandards President and CEO Kingsley Martin.

Seyfarth, known for delivering value and innovation, and its unique SeyfarthLean client service model, has earned the firm a variety of third-party accolades from industry associations, consulting firms and media.

“Seyfarth is recognized as a trendsetter and a front runner in utilizing technology to benefit their clients,” noted Martin. “Through KMStandards patented software, Seyfarth will have the advantage of our innovative search engine that can produce superior, highly accurate, and detailed contracts in a fraction of the time typically necessary to research and analyze relevant documents and create a suitable final product.”

Through a unique arrangement, in addition to providing the software to their attorneys, Seyfarth plans to afford their clients the opportunity to access the KMStandards technology via their client collaboration platform. “To best benefit our clients, we are constantly searching for ways to forward our SeyfarthLean program through process efficiency, creativity and innovation,” explains Andrew M. Baker, Director of Seyfarth’s Legal Technology Innovations Office. “The KMStandards software is truly a cutting-edge technology, and we are excited for the benefits it will bring us – and, most importantly, our clients.”

This latest addition to the KMStandards client list extends the product’s reach into the top tier of the legal community. Other firms utilizing the software to create superior contacts while saving time and money include: Association of Corporate Counsel, Reed Smith LLP, and Cassels Brock as well as leading technology resellers.

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Bridgeway Teams with KMstandards to Offer Contract Analysis Software

Washington, D.C. – (October 1, 2012) -- Marking another important extension of KMStandards LLC

products and services into the legal marketplace, KMStandards technology will now be available to Bridgeway Software, Inc. clients. The agreement was announced by KMStandards President and CEO Kingsley Martin.

The relationship will permit Bridgeway customers to access KMstandards’s innovative software which automatically establishes contract standards and drafting templates. At the core of KMstandards’s offerings is a patented analysis engine that provides law firms and corporate law departments with model legal documents and the ability to create and maintain document templates and clause libraries specific to their needs.

“This is a picture-perfect reseller relationship,” states Martin. “Through this system, the user can seamlessly work on drafting a contract within KM and then, via a push of a button, upload it to Bridgeway’s contract management system. This one-step process saves legal departments and law firms both time and money.”

Bridgeway will market the KM product to in-house legal departments and government entities.

“At Bridgeway, we have always been focused on intelligent systems that make our clients’ work more efficient and effective,” says Patrick O’Donnell, Bridgeway Software, Inc. CEO. “The KMStandards software provides our clients the tools and services to achieve that goal.”

O’Donnell further explains, “Through KMStandards, a five-hour contract review is reduced to minutes simply by ‘benchmarking’ the contract being reviewed to a reference standard, highlighting the nonconforming clauses, recommending more appropriate conforming clauses, and, most importantly, identifying critical clauses absent from the document. That’s value delivery for our customers.”

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