Checklists to see what should be in a contract.

Analysis to report what is in your contract.

Guidance to get better terms.


Quickly discover what terms are standard, optional, and highly negotiated.


Standard contracts built from analysis of thousands of executed contracts.


A library of standard and alternative clause language written in plain English.


Our Framework and Style Guide for your next drafting project.

Assure Favorable Language. Checklists, contracts, clauses, and analysis.

Our libraries were built using analysis of thousands of executed agreements from Fortune 500 companies, giving you market language, common alternatives, and the latest academic research.

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resolve. Contract review in minutes.

Coming Soon. Resolve is a next-generation tool that automatically identifies missing clauses, potentially risky clause language, and business terms in any agreement. Learn More

ContractStandards Framework. Bring structure to your contracts.

Our Framework is a universal structure for clauses in all contracts. It allows you to organize clauses for easy reuse across contracts and helps organize contracts in a structured, logical manner. Learn More

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Private Libraries.
Imagine putting our groundbreaking technology
to work for your organization.

We can bring the power of our technology to your organization with private libraries. Using your past agreements, we can identify your internal contract standards and build tools that let you review agreements using those standards. Streamline your contracting process. Learn More